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rosemary clarke » 4:34am 06-01-2016
I have just miraculously found your Squirrell Family History site. I say miraculously because I can't pretend to be much of a researcher, but have always been intrigued by the name of my husband's great-grandfather Luther and the especially of his wife Emma Adelaide. I couldn't decide whether Adelaide was her maiden name, as I know there aren't many families named Adelaide, except for the person who gave his name to the capital of South Australia. Thanks for all the information about the Clarkes which opens a few doors for me. I've never seen such a well organised history site and congratulate you all for it.
Cheers..... Rosemary
susan thackeray » 2:09pm 21-12-2015
I notice that you have an Andrew George Rowley born Holborn 1905. I am his grandaughter but never met him as my grandmother died when my mother was a child and she lost touch with her father afterwards. On researching our family tree, I found my great uncle, Thomas Rowley, had married an Edna Squirrel. Is this the connection with this site.?
Ben Squirrell » 10:55pm 16-12-2015
I have noticed you have logged a John Edward Squirrell, born in Kent in 1945. I just thought I'd mention for your records' sake that I am his son, also born in Kent in 1996. Having never knew him properly, I researched him in a bid to find out my extended family. Thank you for compiling these trees.
Rosalind Patricia Th » 12:03pm 15-10-2015
Dear Squirrel family ,
I am related to you remotely.
Lillian Jane Bompas and John Osborn were my great grandparents and their daughter Catherine Osborn married John Silburn and they were my grandparents.
Their Daughter , Sheila Madoline married Terence Frederick Dunn and they were my parents.
I am Rosalind Patricia now Thomas. I married Edward Neville Thomas.
William David Norman » 4:40pm 05-10-2015
hello. just a short note regarding my great grandfather David Greville Norman. The name Greville is in fact that of the Earls of Warwick, and the forename David is a common one to that family. we think that he might infact have been the ` wrong side of the blanket`, and his mother went to Ireland ( Limerick) to have him. just a legend, but you never know,.
Jeff Farthing » 7:29am 16-09-2015
Hi - I was born in Kirton - Suffolk
My Grandmother is Agnes Farthing Nee Rivett
I have been interested in genealogy since 2005 &
have my Rivett's going back several generations
in this area of Suffolk if you are interested ?
Kind regards
Jeff Farthing
Ann Jakeman Turner » 11:57pm 12-09-2015
I put my mother`s name into a search and her name came up on your site.My mother was Hilda May Seaman and her date of birth was 15th May 1900 ..if you would like any other information please contact me by my email address.
Andrew Squirrell » 2:32am 11-09-2014
Good day, just wanted to say I like the website. I noticed that for Ronald Daniel Squirrell born September 21st 1926 I'd #I7165, you have the year of death as 1966, he passed away in 1968. I have a picture of the headstone but don't know where to attach it.
Gillian Piper » 9:51am 10-09-2014
Can you please help.
My great aunt Elizabeth Beer born 1873 Lambeth married George Squirrell St Mary Lambeth 1895. His father is listed as William Squirrell. I had thought that they were Londoners, but on locating them on the 1911 census George Squirrell age 44 born C1867 lists his birth place as Hitcham in Suffolk. I have just now discovered that there were a lot of Squirrells in Suffolk.
Children listed for George & Elizabeth:
George age 11
Edith age 8
Alice age 7
Nellie age 5
Robert age 3 and baby John/ As they had been married for 16 years assume older children wokring away from home.
Thank you.
Paula vaisey » 8:05pm 28-07-2014
I was so excited to see the Squirrell Research Group mentioned on Heir Hunters. My 7th great grandfather is Henry Squirrell born 1650. My maiden name was Gosling and my family came from the Hitcham Brettenham area of Suffolk. I'm sure Judy Hennessy must be related as I have a Steff in my family as well.
Malgosia Gajda » 11:33pm 02-04-2014
I am studying historic conservation and as a part of my study I am doing a research & survey of the Jephson Memorial in Leamington Spa, UK.
The memorial was designed by Daniel Goodman Squirhill (1809-63), son of Charles Squirhill, in 1848.
I am trying to find any information, photographs & drawings regarding the architectural career & life of Mr Squirhill, especially related to his involvement in the design of the Jephson Memorial.
I would be extremely grateful to hear from anybody who have information about Mr Squirhill.
My email 13092167@brookes.ac.uk

Malgosia Gajda
Patricia Margaret » 1:57pm 05-02-2014
My brother Roger Squirrell has just forwarded to me your information. My name is Patricia Margaret Squirrell Perkins Tennant. I have been researching our family tree on
Ancestry since September 2010. The photo on your website is the graduation photograph of our paternal grandfather, Harry Spencer Squirrell. I'm in receipt of your research back to 1791 which was passed on to me by my Uncle, Colonel David Spencer Squirrell. The three sons, Peter, David and John all survived World War 11 but have all since passed on. Roger and I are the children of Peter John Spencer Squirrell the eldest son on Harry S and Annie Mary Vermylie (Brown) Squirrell. I also have a copy of Squirrell News published in 1998. I was unable to make any further contact with the organisers of that reunion. I spent 8 years in the USA from 1964 to 1972 whilst my brother Roger was resident in New Zealand. Our cousin, Alan Squirrell (son of John Lockwood) still lives in Sydney Australia, and the other son, Peter, now lives in Clermont Florida.
I look forward to hearing from you again. Many thanks and best wishes, Tricia Tennant
Roger Squirrell » 10:28pm 04-02-2014
the photo on your website is I believe my grandfather, Harry (H for short) Spencer Squirrell, he was married to Ann, both teachers and H was an historian - they lived at 34 Bradley Gardens in Ealing, Middlesex, they had 3 sons, David, the eldest, Peter (my Dad) and John - if anyone has some information on my family I would be happy to hear from you.
Joan Carter » 8:37pm 24-01-2014
I just ran across this website. My grandmother was Lilian May Squirrell. Just for clarification, while she was married to Harold Evelyn Spencer, his mother was Hannah Alice Spencer, father unknown (I have a copy of the birth certificate). By the way, I found this site absolutely fascinating and will have to spend a lot of time studying it.
David Pink » 5:17pm 15-12-2013
I realize that your research group are not heir hunters or trying to make money but I was so impressed by Martin who I saw on television recently that
I just wondered if he or anyone else in your group would ever have the time to consider helping me. My request is a heart breaking story and I would
just like to outline it by way of a letter basically to find out if my wish is even possible to come true. I have tried to get help locally without success so
if you or anyone you know would be willing to try I would be most grateful and of course any expenses incurred would be reimbursed.
Regards to you - Dave Pink
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