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percy squirrell » 9:41am 22-03-2013
my grandfather was thomas henry squirrell he married Mary Ann Rigby They had childern names as followed Thomas Squirrell/ Percy Rigby Squirrell/ William Squirrell/ mary squirrell/ Agnes Squirrell/ douglas squirrell/ Ann Squirrell/
anita jardine » 6:16pm 10-03-2013
a message for jean flack and frank seymour (or anyone who knows information about this time) who both speak about Constance Irene Le Gendre Starkie. my grandfather (robert jardine) was married briefly to constance around 1908. we would love to find out more about this, my grandfather didn't speak much about it until just before he died but there are many gaps. he told a fascinating and sad story. feel free to email me on anitacjardine@yahoo.co.uk .
Geoffrey squirrell » 8:35pm 11-11-2012
Hi I have just found the site . my dad was Frank Squirrell and I still live in Upper Dean
Tom » 8:33pm 17-10-2012
My grandpa was Henry Mowles born December qr 1872, his cousin was Ethel Louisa Mowles and she married John William Squirrell, who was killed at Ypres on 25th May 1915, we have them on our Mowles family tree file, and would like to make contact with the children and/or grandchildren of Ethel and John if possible, so that we can add some more info to our Mowles family tree. I live in Australia, and would also like to make contact with any members of the family who are descendants of those who migrated to Western Australia and New South Wales, as shown on your Squirrell tree on the net
Merton Alexander » 8:15pm 15-10-2012
Hi: I saw your website. I have more information on the Branwhite, Read and Alexander families of London and area. Contact me if interested and I can fill you in. Mert Alexander, Michigan, USA
James Squirrell » 12:52pm 10-10-2012

My Father is V00631 Michael John SQUIRRELL, I believe he was in contact with Norman some years ago about Squirrell family history. My Father passed away on 17th September 2005 in Ipswich. My name is James Craig John Squirrell born 19/05/1981 in Ipswich. My mother , Lynn Julia Squirrell married my father on 26/08/1967 and still lives in Ipswich.
I see from your records my Grandad was born at 501 Bramford road, I recently moved to a house only yards away from this address!

if you would like anymore information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Duane » 2:57am 26-07-2012
Hi! I wanted to let you know that there are too many children listed for Mary Jane Robinson. She is my great great grandmother and she died in 1887. You have at least five children listed under her name born in 1888 or later. Jessie Fremont (Johnson) Wilson is my great grandmother and I have her Bible. It is possible that James Johnson, Mary Jane's husband, remarried after her death and had other children but that would mean he was 66 years old when Charles Johnson was born (1888) so it probably wasn't him. I'm going to contact my Aunt to see if Great Grandma ever said her dad remarried. Thanks for listening/reading. Duane
Peter FitzGerald-Mor » 7:13pm 24-06-2012
Just to say thank you for this treasure trove of information about the Squirrell family. I am a descendant of Agnes Lydia Squirrell (C00283 - she was my Great-Grandmother on my father's side). I hope you don't mind that I have copied a slab of it to my own family tree - particularly the roots of the Squirrell tree!
Nicky Ward » 9:37am 17-04-2012

I hope you're still receiving messages from this website! My grandmother on my fathers side was Edna Squirrell and she married John James Henry Ward as logged on your site. However I am experiencing some difficulties in finding out what happened to John James! I know that Edna remarried in 1939 to Henry Robert Rowley and both died in 1998.

To my knowledge Edna had three children with John James Henry Ward, Terence John born 1930, Jean 1934 and June 1936.

I have been told by a lady claiming to be my cousin that John James died when he was 19 but that doesn't add up and she has also told me that John James died a few years ago! Do you have any ideas where I can go from here as I've been unable to find any death record for John James. I also need to track Terence John who I believe was handed into an orphange around 1938 somewhere near Fulham.

Many thanks
Bryan Boggis » 8:45pm 25-02-2012
Hi. I have just been looking at the gravestone of Wilfred Brittain Squirl-Dawson in our churchyard here at Stoke by Nayland. I am researching the Brittain family tree and am looking for any more info on Wilfred. His mother Mary Dawson married into the Squirl (Squirrel) family in 1879. Anything further would be appreciated.
Kind regards Bryan.
Jeannine Seddon » 1:00pm 04-02-2012
Just thought I would send you this message in reference to Bessie Squirrell1878,the wife of George Sidney Burlow,who was the son of my Great Uncle George Burlow,1850.
He was the 4th son of my Great Great Grandfather George Burlow,1810 of Gloucestershire.My Father 's mother was Mary Ellen Burlow 1899 of Newent,Gloucestershire.Her Father was Henry Burlow 1870.His Father was George Burlow 1810 and his Mother was Mary Ann Hardman,1821,2nd wife of my Great,Great Grandfather. George.Do do have any further info on the Burlow family?
Sue Godel » 3:11am 03-01-2012
I'm so happy that I found your sight. I live in Canada and aging relatives in England has made it difficult for me to verify my family history is correct. I stumbled over your website and was able to fill in some blanks and confirm information I was unable to find. I was tracking the Robert, Jonathan and Caroline Squirrel branch of the tree, what a well laid out site. Thank You!
debbie edmunds » 8:22pm 13-11-2011
Hi there
i have a photocopy from a page in the family diary and i believe that fanny was my great great grandmother. as you know she married Henry Brook and one of their children was Henry Charles born in 1842 and he married had my granddad in 1899 and then my father and subsequently me. We have hit a wall with the Brook side but its interesting to go back through the female side, ive got her down as being born in erdington is there more ?
Rachael Butcher » 9:24am 08-05-2011
I have just discovered your website and found it very interesting. My dad is Peter Oliver Squirrell whos parents were Oliver Joseph Squirrell and Sybil Grace Poulding from Wattisham. My auntie and uncle who I have found on your website were Margaret Kate Squirrell and John Derek Squirrell (both deceased). I have four brothers who all have children as I do myself. I may be able to fill in some current family members for you if you are interested. My husband who is Christopher Butcher is related to William Corder who was made infamous by the murder of Maria Martin in the red barn at Polstead.
Julie Stuart » 12:54am 16-07-2010
I found your website by accident, and was very pleased to see that you had Ronald Edward Squirrell listed. Is there anyone I can contact directly about this branch of the family tree? I can be contacted at stuclan@fairpoint.net I have been working on family trees for several years, but have only just started on the Squirrell line. Nice web site, with a lot of really good info! and easy to navigate too, which is always a bonus Thank you
Julie Stuart
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